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The Red Closet Lips is one of LipSense's Fastest Growing Teams. (YAY!!!!) I am confident in my training methods and am ready to help you change your life! Learn from the best, join a driven and growing team, and let's grow together!!

As your mentor I offer team pages that provide trainings, community and successful ways to grow your team & business. I will be your mentor & cheerleader and will be available 24/7 (as long as I have my diet mtn dew ;) )

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I'm making five figures A MONTH. Yes, a month, which has given my family peace of mind, and the ability to prepare for the future. I have also earned a car in three months and three FREE trips! It's been a HUGE blessing & so surreal! I would love to help you get where you want to be and hit your goals!

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Since I can remember I have always been turned off by direct sales companies. Being a fashion blogger I would constantly get contacted to join MLM's (and by constant I mean 30+ times per day!!!!!). Needless to say, MLM's and this style of "recruiting" left a pretty bad taste in my mouth! My friend Corissa contacted me and wanted me to try LipSense. I am a lipstick addict and of course agreed!! I literally had a drawer full of lipstick and had spent hundreds of dollars on those said lipsticks. I immediately fell in love with LipSense (like within minutes), because I could kiss my baby and hubby without the color coming off, it lasted ALL DAY LONG, AND it is moisturizing!! Woah! As soon as I posted about this new magic lipstick on Instagram I saw the potential. I saw that this is a GREAT product, a GREAT company that cares about ingredients, and I knew I could really do something with this. After fighting being a part of direct sales, and trying to get my hubby on board (that is a story i'll save for another time lol), I jumped in with both feet and I have never looked back. 
I have now been with SeneGence selling LipSense for only SEVEN months—I've been able to build up an amazing team and serority of girls, I'm making $50k+/month, SeneGence is paying for my brand new BMW X5 and we just got back from a PAID trip to the Bahamas (and have earned trips to Cabo and Costa Rica too)!!! It doesn't even seem real and as you can guess has changed our lives. Not only my life but several girls on my team too!! Girls are able to quit their jobs, be stay-at-home moms, pay off debt, and pay for family vacations and things they would have never been able to do prior!
I have worked my butt off to get to where I'm at today, but that's what it takes to be a GIRL BOSS! If you're ready to own your own business, work your butt off and be apart of one of the fastest growing teams, contact me today! LET'S GROW TOGETHER!!!!
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